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Harvest is coming!

We looking forward for a bumper harvest this year, please contact us if any assistance is required in preparing for harvest


Hope the young ones at Lingalonga, Esperance Playgroup and Cubby Houses Little Treasures enjoy their new tractors!

Case IH Ride On Toys Tractor

AFS Connect Magnum

The new AFS Connect Magnum integrates technology with power and efficiency like never before. Availability of units are limited so contact your salesperson for more information

Trading Update Covid-19

We are still open during these difficult times. You may however notice a few thinks different.


You may find our front doors locked as part of the social isolation regulations.

To order any parts please phone (08) 9076 3000 for Esperance and (08) 9076 3088 for Ravensthorpe or alternatively email us. Phone us before collecting the parts as well, we will bring the parts to your vehicle. The contact numbers will be posted on our shop front doors if needed.

Please order required parts as soon as possible as delivery may be a bit slow, especially for parts that may need to be ordered overseas.


Our gates at the workshops will be locked, please phone (08) 9076 3000 for Esperance (ask for Darryl or Scott); and (08) 9076 3088 for Ravensthorpe for any assistance or to book a service or repair of a machine.

Please note any Service technician that work on your premise must be left in isolation with at least a four-square metre exclusion area. Please do not get into the machine cabs with the technicians, they must work alone.

Before sending any service technicians to your property we will ask you the following questions;

  • Has anyone on your property been in contact with suspected Covid-19 cases?
  • Has anyone at the site been overseas after 12th March 2020 without self-isolating for 14 days?
  • Does anyone at the site have any form of respiratory illness symptoms including cold or flu-like symptoms?


Our sales teams will be working from home with no contact with the workshops or office. They are still visiting clients, please let them know if you do not want to be visited. The Salespersons will be practicing social distancing so no handshakes or hugs!
For any enquiries please contact Sean (0429 359 284), Ash (0429 022 169) or Jason (0427 713 728)

We look forward to working with you this seeding season under some very unusual and serous circumstances. But working together and following the recommended social distancing rules we can have a successful and safe season.

What a Milestone

Congratulations and a big thanks to Des Chambers for 50 years of service to Case IH Esperance and Ravensthorpe. Farmers Centre Esperance & Ravensthorpe would not be the same without you!

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